Notre Dame Irish on the Field
Notre Dame Irish on the Field
Here Come the Irish - Notre Dame Football
Play like a Champion Today T-Shirt at Notre Dame Game
The Sign - Play like a champion today on Notre Dame's Scoreboard

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Play like a champion today

Welcome to the original home of the "Motto that Motivates." -

"Play Like a Champion Today" has been inspiring players and teams for decades. 

We have relaunched our online and added many new products including signs, t-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, glasses, and much more. 

You can also learn more about the famous motto and the artist behind the sign at Notre Dame University.

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Laurie Wenger - Painter for the original Play like a champion today sign Laurie Wenger had no idea her simple painting would one day be a masterpiece that would inspire hundreds of football players and thousands of fans.

Twenty years ago, she was at her job painting signs at Notre Dame's arena when Irish assistant coach George Stewart delivered a request from new coach Lou Holtz.

"He brought me a little sheet of paper that said, 'Play Like A Champion Today," Wenger said. "He said, 'Coach Holtz wants a sign, he wants it in blue and gold and he wants it for the stadium for the players to hit on their way out to the field."  read more...
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